Slavoj Žižek’s very short but still too long dialogue with Assassin’s Creed’s Ezio Auditore

Slavoj: “The title of my book “Living in the End Timesh” must not be taken ash a symptom of humanity approachhhing as it were, the end of  itshj time,  also NOT, of courshe, in the vulgair Fukuyaman senshe, as if with the fall of the communisht regimes only kapitalishm, an the shjo very untrue forms of democrachy wichh are asshociated with it,  dominathe the world,  making real changhe imposshible, NO!, quite the opposhite, end timesh is the timesh of the end, in Hegelese it’s…

Ezio: Capisco, but what’s wrong with your voice, is a ‘lamella’ stuck in it? You’re not hiding something from me you know I desire to know, do you?

Slavoj:… Die Nacht der Welt whichh we have to endure firsht, and facshj the horror, the real of the effects of the crisshjes of kapitalisshm  in ecology, sochial ruputuresh and sho on.. to shee the deveshtion “the four horshemen” bring to thishj world, we have to drop our chjynical capitalishjt ideology, the cshynical “ash ob”,  as the Germans say,  meaning: we know very well it’s all capitalishm, but we continue or live on and act as if we do not know. as Galileo’s eppor shi muove,….it still movesh..


Slavoj:.. it.. gggllll


Ezio: Requiescat in pace

Ezio: Fucking Templar, lo sapevo, ……driving me crazy with your repetitive twaddles.

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